Mammoth Tower and platform

All-ability Access on the Mosses

Main photo credit: Paul Harris

The Mosses have a number of all-ability access visitor facilities and we’re developing more ways for people to enjoy the open skies and tranquility of the Mosses. To view the site access statement click here.

Here’s a list of some of the access points:

  • Sinker’s Fields bird hide
    • Two Blue Badge parking spaces just off Moss Lane, close to the entrance to the hide.
    • All-ability access pathway from car park to hide.
    • Wheelchair-accommodating space inside the hide – this is a wide space with a low window overlooking the pools.
  • Mammoth Tower
    • The canal towpath route to the tower is wheelchair accessible although not properly surfaced for wheelchair users, so it can be difficult going. The towpath is maintained by Canals & Rivers Trust.
    • Several benches along the towpath provide stopping points; they’re about 200 metres apart.
    • There is a boardwalk from the canal towpath to the tower that’s wheelchair accessible, along with a ground-level platform.
    • There are benches at the platform with viewing out over the Mosses.
    • The interpretation includes a periscope to give the same birds’-eye view of the Mosses to people who don’t climb the tower steps.
  • Disabled mooring for canal boats: There is a mooring near the turning to the Mammoth Tower.
  • Trails within the Mosses
    • The trails are marked and the landscape is flat. However, the trails are not paved and can be muddy.
    • The Mammoth Trail is an accessible trail.
    • There are benches at intervals along the History Trail and one about half-way around the circular trail on Bettisfield Moss.
  • Disused railway
    • Again, this is flat ground. It’s raised up a bit above the level of the Mosses, so can be a bit drier than the other trails in wet weather but, again, this can be muddy in rainy weather.
  • Benches
    • Please see the attached map below for all the bench locations on the Mosses.
Map of bench locations on The Mosses
Charles Sinker Fields Bird Hide