About the Marches Mosses

The Marches Mosses are comprised of Fenn’s, Whixall & Bettisfield Mosses National Nature Reserves and Wem Moss  and Cadney Moss in North Shropshire. Collectively the mosses form the third-largest lowland raised peatbog in the UK. Lowland raised peatbogs are one of the rarest habitats on earth – over 96% have been destroyed. Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Natural England and Natural Resources Wales have restored 665ha of the Marches Mosses and their edge habitat (also known as ‘lagg’) to transition them towards healthy functioning eco-systems again.

This involved removing invasive species and former wooded plantations, retaining more water on the centre of the Mosses, recreating bog on marginal fields, controlling air and water pollution and creating new habitat on the site of the former scrapyard. 

The project has also made the Mosses more accessible to everyone by installing a wheelchair-accessible bird hide on the neighbouring Charles Sinker’s Fields, running a volunteering programme, holding community events and installing additional visitor facilities such as the Mammoth Viewing Tower on and around the Mosses.

The Mammoth Viewing Tower