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The Marches Mosses are a Great Place for a Walk During Lockdown

Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses, part of the Marches Mosses, are a great place to take your daily exercise during lockdown. Grab your boots or wellies and come out to the Mosses for a walk on the marked trails. Follow the government’s guidelines to stay safe during the pandemic, but do get a breath of fresh air on the Mosses.

You can now visit the Mammoth Tower for a stunning view of the expanse of the Mosses. Follow the canal towpath to your left from Morris’ Bridge until you get to the boardwalk leading into the Mosses. You can learn more about the Mammoth Tower here:

Most Marches Mosses Car Parks are Open

The NNR car parks at Morris’s Bridge, Roundthorn Bridge and Bettisfield (Worlds End) are open. In addition, the car park at the Shed Yard is also open, which provides parking for the History Trail.

If you use the Shed Yard car park, please respect the residents who live along the lane to the car park, and be sure to close the gate behind you.

The car park at the Manor House NNR base remains closed.

Please remember when visiting the site to:

Parts of the reserve are in Wales, so please be aware and respect the different rules and advice with regard to daily exercise and accessing green spaces from the Welsh Government https://gov.wales/leaving-home-exercise-guidance#section-41076.

Important guidelines when visiting the Mosses:

Please follow the important guidelines, shown below, concerning being careful of breeding birds, how to avoid adders, and the best way to visit the Mosses if you bring your dog along.

You’ll also find these posters at the Mosses car parks.


 If you can’t read the web version of the poster about visiting with your dog, you can download a copy of it here: Bringing your dog to the Mosses – English and Welsh .

For more information about the Mosses and BogLIFE project, please click here.


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