Marches Mosses in New Peatlands Guide

January 14, 2022

The Marches Mosses are included in a new book. Entitled “The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland – A Traveller’s Guide”, the book has information, maps and travel notes for 28 of the most famous peatland sites in Britain and Ireland including our own Mosses.

In the book’s Foreword, Dr. Tony Juniper, CBE and Chair of Natural England, reminds us that “Britain’s and Ireland’s peatlands comprise some of our most precious and evocative landscapes…healthy peatlands can support a sustainable future, not only for wildlife but people, too.”

The author, Clifton Bain, delves into the structure of peatlands, their uses over centuries, archaeology and wildlife. He then discusses each of the 28 peatlands with a summary of their history and current conservation work. In the section on the Marches Mosses, Bain describes the cell-bunding that’s been installed to ensure that rainwater is kept on the peat, as well as writing about the wildlife that has returned to live on the Mosses.

The Marches Mosses in “The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland” by Clifton Bain

You can see the Mosses for yourself by taking a winter walk on the marked trails or stroll up the Llangollen Canal towpath from Morris’ Bridge to the Mammoth Tower for a bird’s eye view of the expanse of our precious peatland.