“So Large You Could See it From Space”

September 16, 2020

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The Marches Mosses cover some 2,500 acres in North Shropshire and northeast Wales. It’s often been described as being “so large you could see it from space”.  Turns out that it’s true, as the photo here shows.  This is an infrared picture of the Mosses (the large area shown in green) and the surrounding landscape, taken by the EU Sentinel satellite.

Infrared photo of the Marches Mosses from EU Sentinel satellite

The Sentinel satellite is part of the Copernicus programme – the European Union’s Earth Observation Programme. You can read more about Copernicus here: https://www.copernicus.eu/en/about-copernicus.

You don’t need to travel to space to see the Marches Mosses however. You can visit the Mosses to take a walk in the quiet expanse of the peatland around you, watch for the amazing wildlife that live on the Mosses, or just enjoy the view of the vast open sky above you.